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Allow me to introduce a wonderful author friend, Tracy Bryan! 
Welcome Tracy! 

1) Tell us about yourself Tracy. 

   Like most authors, I’m a bit of an introvert and I feel most comfortable snuggled up in my desk chair, tapping away on my laptop. This is not to say that I’m not sociable. I lead an abundant and eventful life that is filled with many people that are special to me. I just prefer to spend quiet, reflective times by myself or with my family.

   I live in central Florida and moved here from Toronto, Canada about five years ago. I have been happily married for 25 roller coaster filled years. My husband is the focus of my life presently- he is my best friend, travel partner and sharer of all things that are important to me. My kids are grown and beginning their lives, but I see them as much as I can. I am so proud of them and they are my everything!  I have two adopted furry kids too named Jack and Rusty. These whimsical and far too clever Jack Russell Terriers are just that, but they keep me balanced and give great snuggles.

   When I’m not writing, reading or out walking my doggies, I can be found doing yoga or creating miniature faerie gardens in my special pink craft studio that my husband created for me. I love movies and like to place actors to the movies they’ve done and other trivia related to all things film and cinema. Years ago, I went to school and majored in Theatre and English, but my path in life led to family instead. Always a home-body, nurturer of all and dedicated mom, I would change nothing about the accomplishments and mistakes I’ve made so far. I have passed the last five years writing books for kids themed around self-esteem, mental health, mindfulness, and social issues.

2) I see you have books for readers, ranging from age 3 -12 years.

   My passion for writing was awakened again (after years in hiatus) about five years ago. I began writing books for kids about aviation. At the time, we had just moved to an aviation community and my husband is a pilot, yet I had always been afraid to fly in small airplanes. I decided that I needed to research and immerse myself in aviation in order to understand flight and confront my fear. Writing to kids (and adults) about complex concepts and issues in a simplified way in order to understand them just became part of my style after that.

3) Who are the illustrators for your books? To help authors out there, what advice would you give them for finding an illustrator?

   Initially, and because I have no visual arts talent, I used photograph images (from a stock photo membership) to illustrate my books. This process is a lot more detailed than you would think. I’m so detail oriented, so picking just the right image that suits the text is very important to me. My most recent non-fiction book that has this artistic style is called Being The Change In The World. It focuses on social change and I wrote this to empower kids aged 7-10 and to help them find a mindful way to look and deal with the complicated world we live in.

   As far as my traditional picture books, Put Away Your Phone! and Too Many Things! I sought out Professional Illustrator David Barrow through The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI

   At first, David was the only one who responded to the multiple inquiries that I made to artists in this organization. It was fate. We clicked instantly and from there is was so easy to build a respectful collaboration together. We both agreed on a contract from the very beginning and this made it both organized and fair. I think if both the author’s and illustrator’s intentions are addressed and met, there shouldn’t be any conflict. Again, David was so easy going and the fact that he was the more experienced professional and I was a new author, this made negotiating a fee with him simple. He asked for a certain price and I gave it to him. I had done lots of research and knew his worth. I’m going to assume it gets more complicated when agents, editors, and publishers need to be considered in the negotiations. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like when all these people are involved in the creative process too. David and I were a small team and simply emailed our expectations, goals, and encouragement back and forth to each other. Easy Peasy!

4) You have some big news to share with our readers. What would you like to tell about that?

   I am so excited to announce that my daughter Jade and I are working on a book project together right now. Jade studies, advocates, and promotes diversity in all cultural forms (race, gender, sexual orientation, psychology, and neurology) and has been enlightening me about Neurodiversity. The Neurodiversity 

Paradigm is the perspective that everyone has different neurocognitive functioning (particularly people with Autism and Autism Spectrum conditions).

Essentially, there is no “normal” way to think, process, feel, behave, or communicate because

everyone’s brain is different and each person uses their brain in different ways to do these things. Jade and I are creating a book about The Autism Spectrum to bring awareness to this subject and provide a book with an authentic voice that all kids can possibly relate to and understand.

Spectrum- A Picture Book About Neurodiversity will hopefully be released in the Fall 2017!

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Books by Rose Rosie Russell Children's Books Author Illustrator