Books by Rose Rosie Russell Children's Books Author Illustrator
1) Tell our readers about yourself. You are an author, an illustrator, and a teacher. 
    How do you do it all?

Being a full time teacher is an exhausting job, which leaves very little room to write and illustrate so I do most of my author and illustrator work during the summer months.

I teach art and technology in an elementary school, so I’m creating art all year, just in a different way. I get asked a lot if my students know I am an author and illustrator and the answer is yes. A copy of my books are in our school and local libraries and I have read them to them numerous times.

Balancing both being and author and being a teacher is very challenging and because of that, I am not very well known. I try to get on social media throughout the week for a little bit each day but then there’s cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking dinner etc. that must get done. I tried using my magic wand, but the dang thing must be broken. Hahaha.

Perhaps one day I will be able to work on my books full time, but until that day, I will keep trying my best to balance both jobs along with down time and chores. If anyone out there has a spare wand that works, feel free to send it my way.

2) How many books do currently have out? Tell us about those and any upcoming books.

I have three books out now with my fourth book just released this week!

World of Color was my first book release. I was with a small indie publishing company for the release of my first three books with a fourth book released that I collaborated on with another author from the company. Sadly, the company closed its doors and I chose to self-publish

World of Color
Come on a journey with me and discover how important color can be. What if black and white were the only colors our eyes could see? Our world is colored in brilliant hues, dazzling tints and intriguing shades. The animals, plants, the earth itself- even people are enhanced by color. Children will enjoy learning how different their lives would be if all that beauty disappeared.

Imagination Destination
Join Kali the cat and her friends as they sail the ocean blue in search of hidden treasures and battle pirates on the high seas. Shiver me timbers! Kali and her friends teach children the wonder of using their imaginations to create a whole new world while learning the value of staying active and playing outside.

Bullies? No Worries!
In this book, we once again join Kali and her brother Tuxedo, with their friends Sadie and Roscoe as they learn to deal with schoolyard bullies--and make new friends along the way!

My newest book is called Into the Ocean and it is a story that I have wanted to write since I first began writing but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach it. One day it hit me how I wanted to do it, and I’ve been working on it since. I originally planned on creating this book as a picture book, just like my others, but it developed into a longer tale, so I had a choice to make. I could cut it down and do a traditional picture book or I could create my first kids chapter book, and that is what I did. It killed me to narrow down the illustrations and make them black and white, but I am happy with the finished product and I hope you like it as well. Here is a little bit about it:

Into the Ocean

Into the Ocean is a fun, educational book that takes you and your children on a submarine voyage into our world's oceans with tour guide, GW (the friendliest shark you'll ever meet). Discover some of the amazing marine animals that call the sea their home and other fantastic ocean facts during your tour. Along the way, GW will entertain you with all of his ocean knowledge and silly jokes.  It's highly educational and covers a lot of interesting ocean related subjects - not just fish and marine life.

Here is my 5 star review for your book Rebecca: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Into the Ocean," written and illustrated by author Rebecca Lyndsey is a book I thoroughly enjoyed! GW, the funny and wonderful tour guide, will take readers on an educational undersea journey. I laughed each time he had to turn his sub up to "Super-Fin Speed." This book will take students on an adventure, learning geographical areas and sea life in every classroom. They will learn why it's important for oceans to have Coral Reef, interesting facts about Sea Lions, Polar Bears, and so much more. I highly recommend this book for teachers to add to their ocean studies or for fun reading anytime.

3) What advice would you give authors and or illustrators starting out? 

If it is something you really want to do, then never give up. Don't listen to your inner self and give up when things look down, which unfortunately happens often. Don't listen to the ones who say it's not worth your time. If you have a story to tell, then tell it. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters.

Surround yourself with people who share your passion. Their encouragement and knowledge is priceless. This also allows you to see that others struggle too and that’s okay. You learn together. You support each other. You succeed together.

4) Where can our readers find you?

Thanks so much Rebecca for taking time out of your busy life to take us on your journey.
Please leave your comments or questions below.
As always, happy reading! 


Books by Rose Rosie Russell Children's Books Author Illustrator