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   Allow me to introduce to you a special young lady I met through social media when I first started my own page, “Books by Rose.” Sometimes people walk into your life and you know you have met someone very special. You may see her name, Lucy Garcia McCracken. She has a beautiful website called “Lucy in the Sky Creations.” She featured a contest and I was a lucky winner of one of her paintings. After that, I was hooked! I know you will be also once you know and see more about Lucy. 

Tell us a little about yourself Lucy?

   My husband and I have been fostering kids for the past 9 years. Last November we had an opportunity to adopt our 11 year old foster son. That has been very exciting. I'm also an animal lover and I love to create art. 

 What inspired you to start your business with your beautiful art?

   I think my inspiration came when I found out that whenever I was drawing or creating my anxiety would diminish. From there, I discovered how much I loved creating and it's something that I've grown to love.  

Recently you did a post on Facebook on portraits with female heroines who inspired you to read as a young girl. Can you tell us more about that?

   Yes, I would love to inspire the love of reading to young girls. In this fast paced world, I think that more and more girls are losing interest in reading great books. I thought it would be fun to create a series of fictional and nonfictional women who loved reading. Here's a few of the names of the girls I've been working on Anne Shirley, Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennett, Jo March and Maya Angelou.

When I visit your website, I see your motto is "Expressions for your heart. Be the Change." What piece of art or article have you created that has made the biggest change in your life, or someone else's life?

   The one that comes to mind is an art piece that I created for a dear friend's Aunt. It was a portrait of her daughter, who used to be a dance and who tragically had passed away at a young age leaving behind two beautiful children. When I delivered the portrait to the Aunt she started to cry. It was all so very touching. I felt so honored to have created that piece of art for her. 

Thank you Lucy at Lucy in the Sky Creations. I enjoyed getting to know more about you and I know others will also.

Please click below to find Lucy’s items on her site:



Jessica Adams
03/20/2017 8:54am

Her art is very beautiful!

03/20/2017 10:03am

Thanks for stopping by Jessica with your kind words for Lucy.

Have a great week!

04/18/2017 12:09am

These are such a nice piece of art! Her talent is one of a kind. She must treasure it. I can see that she creates art works with love. She even said that her anxiety diminishes when she draws. Good for her! I visited her website and I really like her art works. I hope more and more people would see how good of an artist she is.

04/08/2017 5:38am

I really like these paintings which are really amazing. You have chosen the best pictures to draw. I really appreciate for your talent in painting. I have gone through the link that you have posted on this website and I really like her paintings.

04/08/2017 7:11am

Hello, thank you for your kind words on Lucy's art. Yes, her art is amazing and I love the choice of colors and themes she chooses to use.

Thanks again,

04/11/2017 1:48am

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05/08/2017 9:12pm

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I really like this post, Thank you so much........../

06/05/2017 5:53am

Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed this interview.
Thank you for your comment and kind words.



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Books by Rose Rosie Russell Children's Books Author Illustrator