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   Baseball season is starting up soon. Our family cannot wait!

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   It’s a sport we've loved for many years. Before having our sons, we followed the Kansas City Royals win the championship in 1985. In 2015, our family saw every Kansas City Royals game that led up to another champion win!

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   Our sons played on teams and their dad coached them for seventeen years. Looking back, it’s a wonder how we managed so many games. For those of you that are “sports parents,” you know the drill. Quick dinner meals, picking those up that needed rides to the game, snacks and drinks bought for the team, and uniforms washed each evening.
   The memories and friendships built over the years are cherished forever!

   To show you how much we adore baseball, we even redid our kitchen. We might be the only ones with a sky painted on the ceiling, cork balls for knobs, and baseball bats for handles. It’s unique, but we love it.



   We went to see the New York Yankees in 2007 and the Chicago Cubs in 2008.

   We've seen every baseball movie available, but this one hits home, “The Field of Dreams.” In 2008, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit this amazing place in Dyersville, IA.


                                                                         Yes, that's me coming out of the cornfield. 

We as families, find something to bond us together.

Please share your stories here today.  

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Spring everyone!



Books by Rose Rosie Russell Children's Books Author IllustratorKidLit Blog By Rosie Russell