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Ever felt that moment when, in the middle of a story, you become stuck? This can happen to all writers. 
   Here are ten simple suggestions to guide you when, “writer’s block,” and other obstacles occur. 

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Have faith in yourself!  

   You know the saying by Henry Ford, "If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!"

   What we say to ourselves is important.  Remember back when you did well at something. I’m sure there were stumbling blocks to overcome, you pushed through and it happened.

If you hit that spot again, remind yourself of your past successes.

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Get started! 

   Sometimes, starting a project or writing a story is hard but it won’t happen until you start.
Even if you start with fifteen minutes a day, it's better than not writing anything at all.
The good news is, once you begin, you may not want to stop.

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started." Mark Twain

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Make time! 

   Create a specific schedule to write each day. When are you the most productive? In the morning or evening? Notice when you are full of ideas and use that time the best to your ability.

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Follow a routine.

   Once you figured out when your ideas come, create a routine to write. Stick to your plan every day.
   Morning seems the best for me. Afternoon or evening may work for you. Once you create a routine, it will turn into a habit. 

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Get inspired!  

   Look at photos, magazines, or view splendid paintings and art. If you're writing on a certain subject, surround yourself with something that pertains to your writing. If you're writing a novel, listen to music from that period of time
   Does an idea come to mind? A notion? A feeling?

   "One picture is worth ten thousand words." Chinese Proverb

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Don’t be shy to ask for help!

   Visit with a friend, family member, or a writers group for their insights. Many times they will catch something. We’re so close to what we've written, it's hard for us to see. 

   Try and keep an open mind to what feedback others can give. 

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Take a break.

   Go for a walk or do your favorite exercise. Work on your favorite hobby. 

Sometimes, getting away from where you write, is all you need to get past where you’re stuck.


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Break your work into segments.

   Giving attention to the whole story can be daunting. Break it into parts and concentrate on just that. 
   Check out different words that will inspire you to finish an idea. 
   Research a topic to complete that section.


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Trust your gut instincts!

   Have you ever written a sentence or segment you can’t get past that nagging sense something isn’t right? Either try to change it, or cut parts out of your story. For me, sometimes removing words or sections have been my best choice.

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Never Give Up!

Last, but not least, never give up! Keep going!
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What suggestions do you have for when you’ve hit an obstacle? 

Leave a comment below to share your ideas.

As always, happy reading and writing!
A Behind the Scenes Look at Heartfelt Illustrations at Books by Rose

   I’m going to share with you my six titles that I have currently published. Here are some fun heartfelt facts about each story and a few of the illustrations that I used in each book. I love using special items and people that are important to me.

   My first book:  “Avi and Jackson Best Friends”

   I have actually made two of these books. The first one was through a different company than what I use now. When I switched, I redid all the illustrations. Being my first book, I did not know the things I know now about illustrating.  I’m still learning. Because this story gives me such great memories, I am going to keep it just the way it is.

  This rhyming tale is on our two sons when they were growing up. I love all the pictures in this book, but this one, is from a photo I drew of them playing in the snow. They were around five and two years old. I added the igloo for fun.

   The second picture holds a conversion van we had when they were young.  We took many vacations and rides back and forth to baseball games we attended during that time. Memories!  

 My second story is “Beasley’s Journey.” Again, this book was redrawn for the reason above.

   This story is about a real beagle that our family owned when we were young. Unfortunately, he did not live long. After a few weeks we had him, a car struck him in front of our home. I always knew I would make a story in his memory.

   A friend of mine had two adorable beagles, named Penny and Lexy, at the time I wrote this. The idea to include them was a must. Another friend has a dog named Allie, (She’s a Basset Hound, don’t tell anyone.) She is so cute I knew she would make the cut.

   I picked these two illustrations to show you and the meaning behind them. 

   The first one I named the street after “Allie.” I also learned how to draw one point perspective for the first time. I was so excited.

   The second is the home that our sons grew up in when they were young. Many fun times living there. Our oldest son owns the black cat you see in the picture.

   My next one is, “Maggie, Millie, and Merrie’s Magical Adventure.”

   This story is from a dream I had way back in the 4th grade. Without giving too much away, I will tell you that it’s a fun adventure that I think most kids would love to go on.

   When I do school visits, the students all like that I included myself in the book as the Grandmother.  (Yes, that is me on the left.) They love hearing this as it encourages them to write about their friends and loved ones.

   The second illustration is of course the cover of this story. In the actually story, they return from their adventure with fairy dust on their clothes. Hum, I wonder what that’s all about.  
   The book that follows this one is, “Maggie, Millie, and Merrie’s Magical Coins.”
I loved making this one! Again, it’s based on something I played with a lot back when I was 9 years old.
   Here are a few of the illustrations from this story. 

   The first illustration is of the triplets watching Grandmother’s favorite musicals. If you look at the T.V., you will see a black and white photo. That is actually a real photo of our mother when she was young in her singing trio in the 1930’s. The blanket you see that the triplets are using, is a real blanket that my mother made me for my birthday one year. She had lost her eyesight but still continued to make many gifts for us. She was amazing!  

   The second illustration is when the triplets go through a wooden box they found in the attic. Yes, they found three magical coins! The box I used in this story is from a jewelry box that our father made my sister and I a year before he passed away. I think he would have liked that I included it.

   The next book I’m going to tell you about is, “A Search and Find of Every Kind with Jake and his dog named Cain.” Whew, big title, right? I have some fun reasons why I did that. First of all, it’s based on our youngest son named Jake. The dog you see pictured on the cover is not named Cain. (He’s really named after a famous rock band.) We weren’t too sure how that would take for a children’s book. We came up with Cain, after Lorenzo Cain, the Kansas City Royals baseball player. Of course it’s a “search and find” based on a small story on how Jake spends his days and over the course of a weekend.

   I had a blast with the illustrations on this one. I included so many people I know. The first one is our oldest son working as a clerk in a store.

   The second one is a friend of his that's currently a coworker of his today.  

   See where I have Cain waiting outside for his buddy? 
   My most current book that is out is, “Beasley and Friends to the Rescue.” It’s been another fun one to make.

   The first illustration is when Beasley gets all settled in for his afternoon nap. He’s interrupted with Lola duck squawking about all the racket at Farmer Bill’s barn.

   The second photo is my brother as Farmer Bill. I also have included some real photos in the back of the book on each character.

    Don’t forget to look for the peeking bunny! 

   People ask me all the time, which do I enjoy more? The writing or illustrating? I would have to say both! I love it when a story comes to mind. I know it’s a good one if I can’t stop thinking about it. The illustrating is hard at times as I get an “illustrating block.” Including the right items with the little space I have to work with. It's not always easy. Showing the reader is important in a story without giving away too much. It’s quite a balance to work with.

   I hope you have enjoy this post. I also hope you will find the thing you love to do and do it with all the passion you can give it.

   As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy Reading!

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