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This past week, I had a book launch on my Facebook page for "Sherman the Shopping Cart: A Search and Find." 

Here are some tidbits on how I arrived on the illustrations and the back story on how this tale evolved. 

Let's get started!

Two of the older gentlemen in my book are my brothers.

The first one I will tell you about is our brother John. He passed away when our grandson was a baby so having him in this book is a special tribute to him. Here he’s holding Gingerbread cookies. I have a reason for including this illustration.  When John was in the service years ago, our mom sent him a goody basket overseas at Christmas. Instead of eating it himself, he passed out all the cookies and candy to the children where his post was stationed. He always felt so sorry for those children going through the war. That story never left me. 

My oldest brother Jim, in the Baking Aisle. He is a GREAT cook and loves going to the store more than anyone I know. He would spend all day there if he could. 

Uh oh! There's a mishap on aisle 11! 
Our youngest son is cleaning up something on aisle 11. Any guesses what that might be? 
(Number 11 was almost always his baseball number when growing up.) 

This is our friend Debbie on page 7. We always played Barbies when we were young so I tried to dress her up like one as much as I could. 

And of course I had to sneak Beasley in there on pg. 8, because everyone loves Beasley!  

In the Meat Department, I added a friend of ours that is known by all, for being a wonderful Chef.
On pg. 11, the sign with the BBQ grill is our friend that grills all our food at our reunion with friends every summer. He has entered his recipes in contests in our city at the American Royal BBQ Cook Off. He’s an awesome cook!

On pages 16 and 17, our son’s co-workers. Awesome people!! 

My friend Paula is on pg. 20. Her grandchildren and son are spread throughout the book.
Our one and only male cat Frank, is on page 29. 

All the other people you will see are made up. I started out with those I know but when I couldn't get them to look like them, I turned them into random people.  

The items you see in all the departments: some are made up, some are photos I took, and some came from the program I use to draw with. Photoshop and Photo Explosion. I also have a program called “InPixio,” which helped me clone many of the items so I wouldn’t have to draw each one. Then, I would go back and clean up the edges and tweak. It felt like it took forever, but the cloning tool helped it go so much faster. 

How this book became a story.

When our sons were young, they had a day off from school and we went shopping. When leaving the parking lot a shopping cart started rolling after us. I don't know if it was some kind of magnetic force, coincidence, or what, but that cart followed us almost to the end of the parking lot. It even turned when I turned the car. We laughed so hard! Our oldest, came home and wrote a story about it. I have looked and looked for that story and never did find it. I know it’s here somewhere. (I’ve saved just about everything they ever touched. Ha!)  The memory of it came back to me and I knew it had to become a book.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing more about my new book. 
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As always, happy reading!


Books by Rose Rosie Russell Children's Books Author IllustratorKidLit Blog By Rosie Russell