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   We have had those times when we’ve wanted to sit and read to our kids and they show no interest and want to play. What to do? Here are a few suggestions that worked for me and I hope they'll work for you. 
   Nap time and bedtime is one way for exploring new books. You may find a different time that works better for you and your child.


   Look for the proper age level book. If they are toddlers or younger, check out stories with engaging illustrations and limited words. ABC, animal, and rhyming books are an excellent first choice.
   For preschoolers, subjects they can relate to and something they treasure. It’s so easy for us to choose this or that one, but finding tales “interesting to them” is the key.
   Pick a comfortable place that's well lit.

   Point out things before you begin. Give attention to the cover and guess what it might be entail. For older children, show them the author and illustrator's name and talk about what their roles are.
   If there's dialog, change your voice to the characters. Make them as goofy as you want. Children love this!  
   Ask a few questions along the way. Search for objects or people in the story to keep them involved.

Illustrators draw the pictures in the book.
   At the end of each story, ask them their favorite part or character.
   If you start with a book and they are not acting interested, skip it and choose another one. If that doesn’t work, wait for another time. Keep trying!
   Once you create a habit every day, they will relish this experience. You’ll build and instill the love of learning in them. 

   Most of all, have fun spending these precious moments with your child!  
   Let's hear from you! Tell us ways you have found reading to your young ones that are “Busy Bees.”
   Leave your comments below to share what works for you.

Happy Reading!

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Thanks for sharing these ideas. I like that you write about it it and tell us the detail with your interesting ideas. I always prefer to use such ideas because these are so helpful and workable.

04/28/2017 6:29am

Hello, thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.
I'm pleased that you enjoyed.

Thanks again,

04/29/2017 4:45am

Love the way you step out the process with words and images....reading is a lifelong journey that starts with babes, and you nailed it!

04/29/2017 5:59am

Hi Cat!
Thanks so much for stopping by with your comment.
Yes, "reading is a lifelong journey." ❤
I hope parents and caregivers find a few of these tips helpful.

Thanks again,


Nice post.

05/03/2017 7:37am

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


05/05/2017 12:40am

Keep posting.

05/07/2017 6:44am

Hello, thank you for reading my blog post today.
I appreciate your kind words.


05/07/2017 6:07am

Hi Rose! Great tips. My son was a reluctant reader when he was little and I tried some of your tips, some I wish I knew back then. Funny voices always seemed to work best! Great read and makes me wish they were little again! Between you and me, I still ask if I can read them picture books every once in a while and they still love it:)

05/07/2017 6:48am

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Pictures books are so much fun, at any age. Yes, I agree about the funny voices. We all love that, don't we?

Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

05/07/2017 6:23pm

Hi Rosie, great post, thanks for sharing your ideas. I love that you kept is simple, and provided illustrations too. Another way to engage busy bees when reading to them is to let them draw or build with blocks ect while they listen to the story. Keeps their hands and bodies active. It's amazing how they will stop and look at the pictures. Have you tried reading while they are eating? That works well too!

05/08/2017 6:41am

Hi Sandra, after I posted this, I thought of the same thing and was glad you mentioned it. :)
I had that happen to me just the other day. Our little one wanted to play a game but I knew I wouldn't have the book for long as I had checked it out at the library. I went ahead and started reading anyway, and low and behold, we spent time reading instead of the game.
I remember the read a louds in some classes when the teacher would make a note to me that the children were free to draw during that time. They knew the rules, they had to listen with no talking. Those times I could of read all day and they listened and really enjoyed it. So, even with the older ones, you can try this.
Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and comment Sandra.
Have a great week! :)

05/07/2017 7:38pm

Thanks Rosie for sharing some wonderful tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of reading and getting children engaged! It is so vital to get children reading at an early age. It makes such a difference in their academic success.

08/08/2017 12:47pm

Hi Kristen! Forgive me for being so late in seeing your sweet comment!
I so agree with you on that, the earlier, the better! Plus it's so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by!


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