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In honor of Book Lovers Day on August 9th, my writing pals and I are having fun this week by sharing all the ways we adore reading with the #BookLuvHop.

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Reading is good for you! It helps keep your brain sharp in so many ways. Studies have shown this time and time again. This ABC news article confirms, “What Reading Does for the Brain.”

There are many books to read out there. We read books to improve ourselves and build us stronger in our thinking and self-worth.

I enjoy reading books that encourage me to learn of new ways to look at things I hadn’t thought about before. 

We read to learn about other countries that we may want to visit or lands we want to experience, even if they’re mystical lands of the unknown.

It’s always fun to learn of new cultures and how others live.

A great fantasy will take you on an unexpected journey.  

Reading inspires us to try something new.  Learning how to make a craft, recipe, or improve our homes. My favorite recipes are when authors share the meaningful memories behind the meals they prepare. 

Audio Books are another way we can enjoy reading. Many times we can multitask. We can draw, paint, clean, or work on projects as we listen to a great story. 

We read to relax and to unwind from a busy day. One is never bored if they have a great book to read.
For me, having many books around to choose from is the best, depending on my mood. 

What do books mean to you? Do you read to enhance your learning or for the enjoyment of it.

We would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment in the section below.

As always, Happy Reading!


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08/08/2017 5:24pm

Yes! All of the above, Rosie! As a kid, books took me to places I'd only dream of and introduced me to heroes I'd study later in college. I still read to escape and throw in non-fiction, especially about the writerly road, on top of pop culture fun stuff.

08/09/2017 7:18am

Hi Cat, thanks so much for your comment!
Lately, I'm finding myself, reading to learn. I'm looking forward to getting back into a great novel. If you have read any great ones lately, let me know.
What would we do without reading? Love it!
Thanks again,

09/12/2017 6:16pm

Wow, those are fine looking churros! I must say that I am in love with churros! What can be better than having a hot cup of coffee, a basket of churros and a good book to read in the cold weather. I must say, that is what heaven feels like here on earth. I can live all day with just doing that.


According to studies, it makes a big difference for a child’s performance is school if they read a lot of books. Whether it is educational, stories or picture books. It is important for a child to read not only for learning but also for enjoyment. Parents are also important in making a huge difference in a child’s output in school. We must know that it is not only the job of the teacher but also the parents. Learning should start at home.

Carmela Dutra
08/09/2017 1:27pm

Enjoyed your post Rosie. Happy Book Lovers Day! I need to try audio books, I just find my wandering when I listen to something verses reading. I will give myself the time to sit and indulge, whereas if I read, I find myself multitasking.

08/10/2017 5:50am

Hi Carmela! Thank you for your comment today!
Audio books are fun. I forgot to add they are great for taking on trips. Many times you have to find the right one with a voice you enjoy listening to. Check them out at your local library. They're free!
I also think they're helpful for kids learning to read. :)
Thanks again,


I really like that you write about the book lovers' day. it is a great thing to do and there are many people who write such amazing stories to tell people about the beauty of book reading.

10/06/2017 9:46am

Reading is something really relaxing for me! I like reading after long day.


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