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Many students are heading back to school.

After raising two sons and working in our school district for fifteen years, I learned a few tricks along the way to keep things stress free for the school year.

Here are five simple tips to relieve the anxiety for those first days and throughout the school year. 

Plan in everything you do.

Have their supplies packed and ready to go. After the school year kicks into gear, keep track of needed supplies. A great way to do this, stock up on pencils, pens, Kleenex, or any items your child might run out of and need throughout the year.
Plan what clothes they will wear. The fall can bring warm and chilly temperatures so having a mix of clothes for both types of weather handy will make your morning go smoother. 
Check your child’s packback daily. If forms need signing, take care of them when you first see them or put them in a place to fill out later. This is a good time to see if homework is due for the next day or any upcoming projects that will need attention.
Have easy accessible breakfasts. For those that are not “breakfast eaters,” suggest a food they will eat. If they eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast, it's better than having nothing. 
Plan their lunches. Will they buy from the menu their school cafeteria or take their lunch each day? Make sure if they buy their lunches, have adequate money in their funds. For taking lunches, make a plan of what they may want to take. A trip to the store may be a fun way to involve them in the planning.
Build these habits when your little ones are young. It will instill a great since of responsibility when they are older.

What tips and tricks do you do at your home to get ready for school? Jot me a note in the comment section. 

I wish you a happy, successful, and stress free school year!




08/19/2017 1:08pm

Good to plan ahead, Rose. This gets kids (and parents) off to a good start and is a good framework for success for the rest of the year.

08/19/2017 4:42pm

Thanks Cat! Easy peasy tips but some days are hard to remember everything.
Thanks so much for your comment today! ☆

08/31/2017 2:43am

I very appreciate the information that you share with us. As a father of three kids, I think I have to know more about the things that they have to need in their daily lives. Especially in school, education for children is very important. I'm very glad that I read this and know what I will buy for my children if the school is about to begin. Thanks for sharing this article to us.

08/29/2017 4:36am

We shouldn't make a student's life any more stressful than it already is. Being a student is not as easy as most people think so. They are constantly under pressure from their parents to perform above average. It's the reason why some students are prone to mental depression. We should help them grow, instead of being critical to their achievements.


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