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Celebrate “Take a Child Outside Week.”

Here are some fun activities you and your child can do together.

Experience the great outdoors by using your senses. 

Feel different leaves and plants. 

Are they smooth? Rough? Brittle?

This is also a great time to talk to your kids about plants in your area that are not safe or risky to touch such as, poison ivy.

Smell the great outdoors.

Does the morning hours smell different than the evening hours?

Smell different flowers and plants. Record your findings.

Listen to the great outdoors!

In the morning, do you hear different sounds than in the evening? How are they the same? How are they different? 

Pixabay - babilkulesi
Enjoy the shapes of nature.

Fall is a brilliant time to explore the leaves of their shapes and colors.

Collect different leaves and trace them on a piece of paper to color later. 

Do the old fun trick of rubbing a crayon on a piece of paper with the leaf underneath.

Cut them out to make a fun display or necklace.

pixabay kaz
Create a list of things you expect to find outdoors.

Grab a bag and collect your items on a hunt for the things on your list.

Did you find some new items that you didn’t think or know about? 

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Check out those critter tracks!

Look for animal tracks in your backyard, the woods, or a nearby park.

Can you guess which animal left them?

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Look for different insects and record in your journal.

Snap a photo of them if you can, so you can do more research on them later.  
For those that love to draw, make a sketch of them. 

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Include a magnify glass in your search for all of the above suggestions.

Don’t forget to explore ponds and lakes for different types of fish and frogs.

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What activities would you suggest for “Take a Child outside Week?”

If you are celebrating this week, write us and let us know all the fun activities you discovered.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



10/04/2017 3:58am

I believe that kids can learn more if they will be more exposed to their environment. When I was a kid, I am always curious with what is happening around me, I have so many questions that I ask to my teachers that sometimes they are starting to get annoyed because of my endless list of questions. I also asked my parents such questions and the only thing that they said to me is to explore outside and my questions will be finally answered and that's what I did, I explore and observe the behaviors of all the living things and did some research about them and now, I am currently studying Biology as my major because there are still questions left to me that is still unanswered. Kids should experience and see the beauty of our planet, in that way, they will learn and understand what is happening to our world right now and maybe, they could give their own shares for our Mother Earth.


I totally agree. Children are in their exploration stage. Their knowledge should not be limited within the four corners of their room. It should be broaden. You can do this by dropping your books and exploring the world with your feet. Show your students how the real world works by showing it to them, not with pictures, but with real images. Sounds exciting right? I am happy that you made this activity. It is a huge help for the students.

10/10/2017 1:48pm

I appreciate your note and glad you stopped by to read this article.
Exploring the wonders of the great outdoors is refreshing for us all.

Thanks again,

10/10/2017 1:46pm

Thank you for your note.
Best wishes for you as you pursue a major in Biology. I'm sure you are learning some interesting and wonderful things.

Thank you again,


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