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I'm happy to introduce author Lois Petren. She is the author of some adorable books for all readers to enjoy.
Welcome Lois!
1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you became the author for your Lulu and Lainey series.

I’m a retired IT business analyst, wife, mother, and avid knitter.  My mother and grandmother taught me to knit as a child and I still have the original Barbie dress I knitted, using some lovely angora yarn found in my mother’s knitting basket. Throughout my life, I’ve rarely gone very long without having a needlework project in progress.  My most interesting project was crocheting shoe soles for espadrilles from hemp purchased in the hardware store – very hard on the hands!  I never finished that one. 

I did not grow up intending to become a published author, but the writing bug hit me a couple of years ago. After returning from a family vacation in France I realized that I had lost a ball of yarn sometime during the trip.  A friend and I were exchanging some jokes about the great adventures the yarn was having in the streets of Paris and – voilà!  This became the inspiration for my first book, Lulu and Lainey … a French Yarn.

2) I see you have four stories currently available. Can you tell us about your books? 

Yes, so far there are four books in the series and I’m currently working on a coloring/activity book that includes material relating to all the books.  It will be published in March, 2018.The series is about a little French girl named Lulu, who loves to knit with her grandmother.  Lulu also has a favorite ball of yarn (doesn’t every knitter?) that has a problem staying in her knitting basket.  The ball of fuzzy, green yarn, which she calls Lainey, seems to have all the adventures.  Lainey ends up in some unusual situations – in a bird’s nest, having a close encounter with Père Noël, on a wild ride through the treetops of the Luxembourg Garden and being offered to help a baby goat keep warm.  Throughout the books, the reader is introduced to sites in Paris and elements of French culture.

 Lulu and Lainey … a French Yarn

In a flurry of activity after a soccer game, Lulu loses her beloved ball of yarn – or so we think.  A heart-warming adventure ensues involving a most unlikely cast of characters.  What actually happens is that a bird mistakes the ball of yarn for one of her eggs and carries it up to her nest, where it remains until her two baby birds grow up and fly away.  All is made right in a very unexpected way and Lulu is reunited with the ball of yarn.

The bird that was chosen for the illustrations is a beauty – the Eurasian Jay - which has gorgeous wing feathers that are part striped and part blue. You can see other examples of the bird and feathers on my Pinterest inspiration board for this book (see below for link to page)

 Lulu and Lainey … a Christmas Yarn

It’s the week before Christmas and Lulu wants to knit a special scarf for her best friend, Pierre, with her favorite yarn.  While visiting her grandmother the ball of yarn gets lost and, with all the excitement of holiday preparations, it is forgotten until Christmas Eve when it reappears with very surprising results.

This heartwarming book weaves together the beauty of the holidays and French traditions with a unique story that is sure to become an annual holiday favorite.

I think the illustration of Père Noël with Mimi, Grand-mère’s cat, says it all!  With a sly wink to the reader, they pull the reader into the secret about what happened to Lainey on Christmas Eve night.  Pictures of Paris in the snow are timely this year, as well.

 Lulu and Lainey … the Lucky Day

A springtime outing to the Luxembourg Garden with Grand-mère combined with two rambunctious squirrels.  What could go wrong?

Lulu and her grandmother spend a sun and fun-filled day sailing boats, riding the carousel and – of course - knitting.  An encounter with a couple of energetic squirrels sends Lainey on an adventure no one expected.  The day ends with a delicious cup of hot chocolate for Lulu and a pot of tea for Grand-mère, proving that it truly is a lucky day!

The illustrations in this book beautifully capture the sites found in the Luxembourg Garden – the bee hives, puppet theatre, Grand Basin with the colorful boats and, of course, the carousel.  There’s also a very nice illustrated map of the corner of the Garden where all the kid-friendly activities are located.

 Lulu and Lainey … at the Farm

Lulu and her family make a springtime trip to her grandparents’ farm.  Participate in all the family fun, playing soccer, and board games.  Tag along with her while she visits the animals, and welcomes a new baby kid.

When the weather abruptly changes and the baby goat gets cold, Grand-mère pulls out her knitting needles and gets to work. 

A surprising request to Lulu involving her favorite ball of yarn provides a valuable lesson in sharing!

There are so many gorgeous images in this book – the farmhouse and interiors of the barn immediately come to mind.  Also, there are adorable special details – many little things for the kiddos to find - such as a smiley face “drawn” on the foggy train window and the Chutes and Ladders board game that Lulu and her brother play on the farmhouse floor.

3) The illustrations in your books are beautiful. Can you tell our readers about your illustrator and how you found her for your books?
I agree with you – the illustrations are beautiful.  Tanja Russita is the illustrator and I found her via one of the online services for freelancers.  I was drawn to her work because I wanted an illustrator who could portray action and movement while keeping a hand-painted, art book feeling.  I think she has done this with her amazing artistic talent.

We have a very collaborative working relationship, in spite of the fact that we are many time zones apart.  I provide art notes for each illustration and then we work in an iterative fashion to get to the final images for the book.  It’s always a pleasure to work with her.

4) Where can our readers find you and your books?
kropekk_pl pxabay

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your awesome books with us Lois. 

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A few months ago, I was lucky to meet another wonderful author in an author group. Her real name is Sharon McAleer, but goes by the pen name, Selma P. Verde. 
Welcome Selma (Sharon!) 

1)  I see you go by the name, Selma P. Verde. Can you tell us more about how you chose this name?  

Selma P. Verde is my author name. I decided to have a pen name a few years ago, since I'm writing for preteen and young adult audiences. I wanted a name that is easier to pronounce and remember than my real name. How did I pick this name? Believe it or not, I started with a random name generator. The name it came up with was Sheila Varde. My finance' and I both have aunts named Sheila. So, we changed the first name to Selma. P is for Patricia, which is my mom’s name. She passed away almost ten years ago from breast cancer and I wanted her to be a part of my journey. And, I changed Varde to Verde. Verde is green in Spanish and green is my favorite color.

2) Tell us about yourself and how you became a writer. 

I grew up in Minnesota and continue to live here. I have been writing since I was a young girl. First in diaries my parents used to give me for Christmas. I started by writing the day to day happenings in my life. I still have those diaries in my hope chest. I should pull them out and look at them. Then I started writing the silly stories I would come up with in my head. Through those two things, I found out I really liked to write and journal. As a preteen, I dreamed about publishing a novel someday. I wrote a couple of full manuscripts before I wrote "The Hard Way," which I published in April 2017. Finally making childhood dream come true.

3) You have a book out called "The Hard Way." Can you enlighten our readers more about this story? 

"The Hard Way" is a preteen/young adult novel about kids dealing with peer pressure and consequences of decision making. Here is the blurb from the back of the book.

"Shortly after moving from small-town Johnson Place to the metropolitan borough Manor City, Paul Jones meets his neighbor Desmond Peterson and they become instant friends, bonding over their love of a video game called Tangorka. When Desmond moves away just before the start of their freshman year of high school, Paul wonders if he’ll ever find a friend like Desmond again. After suffering through four months of school without someone to hang out with, he makes fast-friends with a fellow Tangorka player—a kid named Anik Hatcher who Paul meets in after-school detention. Paul starts spending time with Anik outside of school and meets his gang that creates mischief throughout Manor City. But the mischief quickly turns into real violence, and once Paul becomes a key player in their most harmful “prank” yet, he’ll soon learn who his real friends are—and how the decisions he makes, good or bad, can quickly affect his whole life."

 4) What are your goals for 2018? 

My goals for 2018 are to market "The Hard Way," build my writing business, and continue writing.

Through increased marketing and setting up my writing business, I want to earn enough money through book sales to publish my second book, "The Bully’s Way," in October 2019. To help me with the marketing, and to have a site to call my own, I recently launched my self-hosted author website,

For my writing goals, I will continue blogging, but I also plan to self-edit "The Bully’s Way" to get it ready for an alpha/beta read by my book club for our October meeting this year. They read "The Hard Way" for our October meeting in 2016 and their feedback was a huge help to get my book ready for my editor. I plan to hand "The Bully’s Way" over to her for review in January 2019.

Manuchi Pixabay
5)  Where can our viewers find you? 

My website,





Thank you so much Selma (Sharon) for your time and telling us more about you and your book. I'm looking forward to your future projects.
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In a recent visit to an author's group, I had the pleasure meeting author Donna McDine. She has an array of great books readers enjoy and learn some wonderful lessons along the way.
Let's get started. 

Hi Donna, welcome! 

1) Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you became a writer? 

I have always enjoyed immersing in a book that has me easily blocking the distractions of the world around me and I’m striving to create that joy from my books. I fondly remember watching the television show, Lou Grant with my dad and I always found it fascinating how the research to the investigative reporting was conducting. I dreamed of becoming a reporter myself one day, but for some reason I did not follow this path. Happily I find myself many moons later writing for children. My writing bug re-sparked in 2007 when I came across the aptitude test for the Institute of Children’s Writing and eagerly completed the test and mailed in. To my pure joy I was accepted into the program and I’m now proud to say I have five published books to my credit.

2) Tell us about the books you currently have out? 

I currently have five published children’s books, all through Guardian Angel Publishing. Without being consciously aware at the time of writing the below books, several of the themes tie in bullying and overcoming such abuse. It’s important that the young and old put a stop to such all too frequent displays of inhumanity. By doing so it will create a ripple effect of compassion toward one another.

The Golden Pathway              
Be transported through time to the Underground Railroad, where high-pitched screams echo each night. David’s cruel Pa always chooses the same victim. Despite the circumstances during slavery, David uncovers the courage to defy his Pa.

Raised in a hostile environment where abuse occurs daily, David attempts to break the mold and befriends the slave, Jenkins, owned by his Pa. Fighting against extraordinary times and beliefs, David leads Jenkins to freedom with no regard for his own safety and possible consequences dealt out by his Pa.
Hockey Agony
Peer Pressure and Honesty many times go hand-in-hand.  What is Larry to do when his teammate asks him to cheat when he is given the responsibility to run the clock during the big hockey game?  Outwardly, it may seem he will follow suit, but his conscious tells him otherwise at the moment of truth.
Powder Monkey
Forced into a life at sea by the Royal Navy Press Gangs, 12-year-old Tommy Kitt finds himself in a floating sea of misery. Poor living conditions and beatings occur daily. Despite his runt like size, Tommy must summon the courage and physical ability to prevail in a situation he cannot escape.
A Sandy Grave
The anticipation of summer vacation can put anyone in a great mood with the excitement of the adventures to be had, especially at the beach. But what is a group of friends to do when they find themselves thrown into discovering the identity of the mysterious men at the beach?
Dee and Deb Off They Go ~ Kindergarten First Day Jitters
The anxiety of finding one’s own place and friends in kindergarten without the comfort of having her twin sister nearby at first overwhelms Dee until she realizes even with being without her twin sister, her and her classmates for the most part are in the same boat.
3) What are your goals for 2018? 

Now that I’ve been getting back into the swing of my writing over the last six months I have two works-in-progress that are in the final stages of editing and my goal is to publish both in 2018. The first is a children’s picture book that I’m collaborating on, which focuses on the intuitive connection pet owners and pets have for one another. The second manuscript is for adults, focusing on gratitude and creating an authentic life.

4) Where can our viewers find you?  

As so many people are these days, I’m quite active on social media. Readers may connect with me at:


Donna, you are one busy lady! Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. I look forward to your new stories to come in 2018. 

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As always, happy reading,

1) Tell our readers about yourself. You are an author, an illustrator, and a teacher. 
    How do you do it all?

Being a full time teacher is an exhausting job, which leaves very little room to write and illustrate so I do most of my author and illustrator work during the summer months.

I teach art and technology in an elementary school, so I’m creating art all year, just in a different way. I get asked a lot if my students know I am an author and illustrator and the answer is yes. A copy of my books are in our school and local libraries and I have read them to them numerous times.

Balancing both being and author and being a teacher is very challenging and because of that, I am not very well known. I try to get on social media throughout the week for a little bit each day but then there’s cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking dinner etc. that must get done. I tried using my magic wand, but the dang thing must be broken. Hahaha.

Perhaps one day I will be able to work on my books full time, but until that day, I will keep trying my best to balance both jobs along with down time and chores. If anyone out there has a spare wand that works, feel free to send it my way.

2) How many books do currently have out? Tell us about those and any upcoming books.

I have three books out now with my fourth book just released this week!

World of Color was my first book release. I was with a small indie publishing company for the release of my first three books with a fourth book released that I collaborated on with another author from the company. Sadly, the company closed its doors and I chose to self-publish

World of Color
Come on a journey with me and discover how important color can be. What if black and white were the only colors our eyes could see? Our world is colored in brilliant hues, dazzling tints and intriguing shades. The animals, plants, the earth itself- even people are enhanced by color. Children will enjoy learning how different their lives would be if all that beauty disappeared.

Imagination Destination
Join Kali the cat and her friends as they sail the ocean blue in search of hidden treasures and battle pirates on the high seas. Shiver me timbers! Kali and her friends teach children the wonder of using their imaginations to create a whole new world while learning the value of staying active and playing outside.

Bullies? No Worries!
In this book, we once again join Kali and her brother Tuxedo, with their friends Sadie and Roscoe as they learn to deal with schoolyard bullies--and make new friends along the way!

My newest book is called Into the Ocean and it is a story that I have wanted to write since I first began writing but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach it. One day it hit me how I wanted to do it, and I’ve been working on it since. I originally planned on creating this book as a picture book, just like my others, but it developed into a longer tale, so I had a choice to make. I could cut it down and do a traditional picture book or I could create my first kids chapter book, and that is what I did. It killed me to narrow down the illustrations and make them black and white, but I am happy with the finished product and I hope you like it as well. Here is a little bit about it:

Into the Ocean

Into the Ocean is a fun, educational book that takes you and your children on a submarine voyage into our world's oceans with tour guide, GW (the friendliest shark you'll ever meet). Discover some of the amazing marine animals that call the sea their home and other fantastic ocean facts during your tour. Along the way, GW will entertain you with all of his ocean knowledge and silly jokes.  It's highly educational and covers a lot of interesting ocean related subjects - not just fish and marine life.

Here is my 5 star review for your book Rebecca: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Into the Ocean," written and illustrated by author Rebecca Lyndsey is a book I thoroughly enjoyed! GW, the funny and wonderful tour guide, will take readers on an educational undersea journey. I laughed each time he had to turn his sub up to "Super-Fin Speed." This book will take students on an adventure, learning geographical areas and sea life in every classroom. They will learn why it's important for oceans to have Coral Reef, interesting facts about Sea Lions, Polar Bears, and so much more. I highly recommend this book for teachers to add to their ocean studies or for fun reading anytime.

3) What advice would you give authors and or illustrators starting out? 

If it is something you really want to do, then never give up. Don't listen to your inner self and give up when things look down, which unfortunately happens often. Don't listen to the ones who say it's not worth your time. If you have a story to tell, then tell it. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters.

Surround yourself with people who share your passion. Their encouragement and knowledge is priceless. This also allows you to see that others struggle too and that’s okay. You learn together. You support each other. You succeed together.

4) Where can our readers find you?

Thanks so much Rebecca for taking time out of your busy life to take us on your journey.
Please leave your comments or questions below.
As always, happy reading! 

Please welcome our author friend, Julie Gorges!
Hi Julie, tells us how or when did you start your writing career?

As a kid, I loved to pretend I was a newspaper reporter and wrote poetry on index cards. As a teen, I started writing short stories. But for some reason, I never considered becoming a professional writer. Instead, I concentrated on taking secretarial courses and worked at a bank after graduating high school.

When I was in my early 20s, while staying at home with my first child, I started a short story just for the fun of it. Then I signed up for a writing class at the local college. That was when I discovered my true passion for writing.

I took another writing class at the college, checked out every book at the library on writing, signed up for a correspondence course, and attended a writer’s conference. I started working on a young adult novel that had been bouncing around in my head. Still, I told myself that writing was simply a hobby.

In reality, I was scared. It was fun envisioning my novel on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and my first book signing. But I didn’t take any kind of action to make those dreams come true. I was afraid that people would laugh at me because I didn’t have a college degree. That my submissions would sit in a huge pile and be ignored by literary agents and editors since I didn’t know anyone in the publishing business. That I would get discouraged by all the rejections and allow my dreams to fade away. That friends and family would roll their eyeballs if I dared to express my dreams of becoming a writer out loud.

Then, a woman at a writer’s conference asked me a simple but profound question. What are you waiting for? Oh, I had a million excuses why I wasn’t pursing my passion. But she forced me to ask myself some important questions. Did I want to go to my grave with regrets that I never followed my dreams? That I never even tried? Would I wonder what I could have accomplished if only I had mustered up enough courage to break through my self-imposed barriers?

With the woman’s words echoing in my head, I took the first step and began submitting my short story to magazines. Of course, I received the standard rejection letter which stung, but I continued on my journey, taking more writing classes and submitting my work.

Six long years passed before my first short story was published in a literary magazine for a whopping $22. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Later, a piece I had written for a magazine article writing class at the local college was accepted by a regional parenting magazine. I was on my way!

Nonetheless, the road wasn’t easy. Many of my fears came true during that time. I gathered enough rejection letters to wallpaper a room. Plenty of people gave me cynical looks when I dared to share my dreams of becoming an author and a published writer. When I finally started getting published on a regular basis I made the mistake of quitting my day job too soon and had to take a humiliating temp job I hated. Many times, I became discouraged and swore off writing.

But I tenaciously pressed forward. Am I happy that I persevered and finally faced down all those nagging self-doubts and fears?

You bet!

Yup, that’s me, looking happy I broke through my barriers to live out my dreams of seeing my book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble along with a book signing!

I’ve been writing professionally for over 25 years now. Over the years, my articles have been published in hundreds of national and regional magazines, I authored three books (one of which was published by the prestigious publisher McGraw Hill), landed an agent, won three journalism awards while working as a newspaper reporter, and have been published on countless websites. And now I’m a blogger as well!

Your blog is filled with an array of fun topics. What is your favorite to write about?

I was inspired to start my blog, Baby Boomer Bliss (, by recent reports that show younger baby boomers in their 50’s are the most miserable age group. I was curious why this was the case. After all, old people have plenty of problems too, so why are they happier than our generation? I wanted to know how we boomers could maintain happiness through what can be a turbulent time in life. I thought other people my age would be interested in the answer as well and planned to write a future book on the subject.

Originally, all my blogs were centered on this subject. Ironically, shortly after I started writing a blog about finding happiness, I had the worst year of my life. My blog turned out to be much more personal as I expanded to other topics. I began sharing my life, thoughts, and feelings through some rough times that included caregiving for my Mom who had Lewy Body dementia and her eventual death.

Then, I started branching out to other subjects such as humorous articles about menopause and growing older – these are some of my favorite blogs to write. Is it wrong that I crack myself up? I also included a section on travel and leisure that are fun to write. I share experiences like zip lining for the first time, watching Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones at Desert Trip, seeing San Francisco in two days, and visiting Chicago for the first time.   

My blog has given me wonderful creative freedom to express myself. Not to pop anyone’s balloon, but professional writing sounds more glamorous than it is in reality. I don’t always get to write about what I’m passionate about or interested in – and some of my projects were a huge headache like the technical book I wrote for McGraw Hill. My blog allows me to stretch as a writer, explore, experiment, and try new things whenever the muse hits. 

Tell our readers about your books you have available. Are you working on any books for the future?

The book I wrote for McGraw Hill is now out of print, but my two young adult books, Just Call Me Goody-Two-Shoes (  and Time to Cast Away ( are still available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

To answer your question, I am working on a few books right now. I’m currently writing a book to provide inspiration, motivation, and knowledge to help aspiring writers achieve their goals, whether they want to become authors, start a blog, pen a memoir, or see their byline on a magazine article. In conjunction with the book, I plan to offer online classes.  

I’m also editing my book tentatively titled, I’m Your Daughter, Julie, that shares my story about caring for my mother who had a combination of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s along with caregiving tips that will be published within the next year. And since I’ve recently discovered the secret to losing weight after 50, I’m writing an eBook to share what I’ve learned. Plus, the book about finding happiness in your 50s based on my blog is still in the works.

Here is my 5 Star review for your book Julie:
“Just Call Me Goody-Two-Shoes,” written by Julie A. Gorges is a story early teens will relate as they dive into this great read.
Fifteen-year-old Jade is a perfectionist, a goal setter, and a list maker. Everything in her life is under control until circumstances spin them out of her control.
She and her friend Stephanie have conflicts to work out in their personal lives and their friendship.
Readers will relate to this story as it unfolds family issues, friendships, trust, and forgiveness.

Where can our readers find you?

My author website, (, which is currently under construction for some much needed updates, as well as my blog, Baby Boomer Bliss (

And of course, I’m all over social media!

My Author Facebook page:




Allow me to introduce a sweet author friend, Jessica Adams, I met in one of my authors groups. She has a passion for her stories from her childhood. 

1) Hi Jessica! Tell us how you decided on becoming an author?

   Hi Rosie! Thank you for the interview! I first wanted to become an author when I was in 6th grade. An author, Laura Jane Coats, visited my elementary school. I had the honor of helping to make a large banner to welcome her to the school. The school had an assembly where the author talked about her book, Marcella and the Moon, and I was so impressed. I began dreaming of someday writing my own book based on the conversations I had with my mom when I was little about my toys. I was worried about what would happen to my toys when I grew up. I wanted to keep my toys with me when I moved out of the house, but I knew my sister would also want to keep her toys. If the toys were separated, wouldn't they miss each other? My mom told me not to worry because the toys would find each other. How? Through The Underground Toy Society of course! We talked about The Underground Toy Society all the time, and I thought it would be great to someday write a book about how toys help each other. I never actually sat down to write the book until after my own children were born. My kids were receiving a lot of gifts and toys, yet wanting more and more stuff to clutter our home. They would not listen to clean up their toys. They did not want to donate any toys. The overabundance of toys in our house gave me the final piece of the puzzle I needed to complete my first book, The Underground Toy Society.

2) Your illustrations are drawn by your daughters. I bet they love helping you! How did you arrive at that idea?

   Well, for the first book, I actually did the illustrations. While showing the book to some friends at church, one of the moms asked me who did the illustrations. I told her I did, but she commented that it would have been neat if my girls had done them. My original intentions were to publish one book. I never dreamed that I would come up with more than one story idea for more books. Then, my grandmother brought an old picture of my mom with her doll to my house to show my daughters. When I saw the picture, I realized that I had forgotten all about my mom's doll! Then, another story was born, The Underground Toy Society Saves Peggy. I thought about what my friend at church had said, and thought it would be wonderful for my girls to try to help with the illustrations. That was a challenge for all of us. First of all, I am a control freak. Things need to be the way I want them. Yet, working with little girls and telling them their drawings need to be redone doesn't always work so well. We worked together and I tried to give them extra time to complete the pictures. If something needed to be redone, I would be as positive as I could be and give suggestions instead of commands. I wanted them to keep their love of drawing and not bring them down, but inspire them. They are really making progress with their artwork and drawings, especially my youngest daughter. The only trouble is getting them motivated to draw pictures for my books. I do not force them to draw, but I wait for them to be inspired. Both of them have actually started writing and illustrating their own books!

3) You have clever ways you market your books. Inform our readers some of the ideas you have come up with.

   It's funny you should ask this because book marketing is still a mystery to me! After stressing myself out with marketing, I decided it was better to have fun with it. We love being in parades. The toys wave to the crowd and it is so heartwarming to see the people waving back at teddy bears and stuffed animals. My daughters help me create YouTube videos with their toys. I take photos for Instagram that usually have something to do with toys, kids, or parenting. I also love creating graphics using It is a great program with a lot of free templates and pictures. I use Facebook events a lot to promote free download days from Amazon when my books are on Kindle Unlimited. Recently, Beary and Ellie took a road trip to promote Beary's book, The Underground Toy Society Helps Beary Bear. I think I had more fun than my kids while taking pictures for the road trip. The best results usually come from Facebook events for me. Results are in the form of free downloads of my books, with a few reviews posted on Amazon. It doesn't necessarily result in further sales, but the book reviews are extremely helpful. Book reviews keep me motivated to write more books.

4) Where can our readers find you and your books?

Signed copies of my books are available to purchase on my Website.
My books are also available on Amazon.
I am on numerous social platforms: 

Thank you for taking time to share all your cute stories Jessica! The best of luck to you on your books!
Happy Reading!

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Allow me to introduce a wonderful author friend, Tracy Bryan! 
Welcome Tracy! 

1) Tell us about yourself Tracy. 

   Like most authors, I’m a bit of an introvert and I feel most comfortable snuggled up in my desk chair, tapping away on my laptop. This is not to say that I’m not sociable. I lead an abundant and eventful life that is filled with many people that are special to me. I just prefer to spend quiet, reflective times by myself or with my family.

   I live in central Florida and moved here from Toronto, Canada about five years ago. I have been happily married for 25 roller coaster filled years. My husband is the focus of my life presently- he is my best friend, travel partner and sharer of all things that are important to me. My kids are grown and beginning their lives, but I see them as much as I can. I am so proud of them and they are my everything!  I have two adopted furry kids too named Jack and Rusty. These whimsical and far too clever Jack Russell Terriers are just that, but they keep me balanced and give great snuggles.

   When I’m not writing, reading or out walking my doggies, I can be found doing yoga or creating miniature faerie gardens in my special pink craft studio that my husband created for me. I love movies and like to place actors to the movies they’ve done and other trivia related to all things film and cinema. Years ago, I went to school and majored in Theatre and English, but my path in life led to family instead. Always a home-body, nurturer of all and dedicated mom, I would change nothing about the accomplishments and mistakes I’ve made so far. I have passed the last five years writing books for kids themed around self-esteem, mental health, mindfulness, and social issues.

2) I see you have books for readers, ranging from age 3 -12 years.

   My passion for writing was awakened again (after years in hiatus) about five years ago. I began writing books for kids about aviation. At the time, we had just moved to an aviation community and my husband is a pilot, yet I had always been afraid to fly in small airplanes. I decided that I needed to research and immerse myself in aviation in order to understand flight and confront my fear. Writing to kids (and adults) about complex concepts and issues in a simplified way in order to understand them just became part of my style after that.

3) Who are the illustrators for your books? To help authors out there, what advice would you give them for finding an illustrator?

   Initially, and because I have no visual arts talent, I used photograph images (from a stock photo membership) to illustrate my books. This process is a lot more detailed than you would think. I’m so detail oriented, so picking just the right image that suits the text is very important to me. My most recent non-fiction book that has this artistic style is called Being The Change In The World. It focuses on social change and I wrote this to empower kids aged 7-10 and to help them find a mindful way to look and deal with the complicated world we live in.

   As far as my traditional picture books, Put Away Your Phone! and Too Many Things! I sought out Professional Illustrator David Barrow through The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI

   At first, David was the only one who responded to the multiple inquiries that I made to artists in this organization. It was fate. We clicked instantly and from there is was so easy to build a respectful collaboration together. We both agreed on a contract from the very beginning and this made it both organized and fair. I think if both the author’s and illustrator’s intentions are addressed and met, there shouldn’t be any conflict. Again, David was so easy going and the fact that he was the more experienced professional and I was a new author, this made negotiating a fee with him simple. He asked for a certain price and I gave it to him. I had done lots of research and knew his worth. I’m going to assume it gets more complicated when agents, editors, and publishers need to be considered in the negotiations. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like when all these people are involved in the creative process too. David and I were a small team and simply emailed our expectations, goals, and encouragement back and forth to each other. Easy Peasy!

4) You have some big news to share with our readers. What would you like to tell about that?

   I am so excited to announce that my daughter Jade and I are working on a book project together right now. Jade studies, advocates, and promotes diversity in all cultural forms (race, gender, sexual orientation, psychology, and neurology) and has been enlightening me about Neurodiversity. The Neurodiversity 

Paradigm is the perspective that everyone has different neurocognitive functioning (particularly people with Autism and Autism Spectrum conditions).

Essentially, there is no “normal” way to think, process, feel, behave, or communicate because

everyone’s brain is different and each person uses their brain in different ways to do these things. Jade and I are creating a book about The Autism Spectrum to bring awareness to this subject and provide a book with an authentic voice that all kids can possibly relate to and understand.

Spectrum- A Picture Book About Neurodiversity will hopefully be released in the Fall 2017!

Thanks for stopping by Rosie’s site to learn a little about me and my books!

I look forward to connecting with you…

You can find me on my website

I’m a frequent user of Facebook and have a Facebook personal Home page for my writing community and a more professional Facebook Author/Publisher page for my readers. I also have three Facebook pages that relate to some of the topics and work that I focus on; Understanding Addiction for Kids, Mindfulness For Kids and several pages for my latest releases. I also run and moderate a group for Kidlit Creatives called Socially Diverse Kid’s Book Writers & Artists. Come join us and help spread awareness about Diversity in children’s publishing!

You can also friend and follow me on Goodreads, and Twitter.

Thank you Tracy for your world of knowledge and your interview! 

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions for Tracy below.
Thanks everyone! 

As always,
Happy Reading! 

Welcome back to week two with our interview with Beasley!!!

Today we will be talking to Beasley about his second book he has out called, “Beasley and Friends to the Rescue.”

Let’s get started!

Me:  Hello Beasley! Thank you for coming back to visit with us again! I see you brought someone with you today!

Beasley: Hello Miss Rosie! Thank you for having me. Yes, this is a character that is in my second book. Allow me to introduce Lola Duck. We have been friends for a very long time.

Me: Hello Lola Duck! Welcome! It’s nice to have you here. I must ask, is there something the matter?

Lola Duck: Hello! I’m very happy to be here. May I ask you a favor Miss Rosie?
Those lights are very bright and I can’t see. Can you turn them down a bit?

Me: Oh I’m sorry Lola Duck! We can’t do that but wait here. I have something for you.
There, is that better? 
Lola Duck: Oh yes, much better, thank you!

Beasley: Miss Rosie, you will have to excuse Lola Duck, she’s a little nervous to be here today. She gets very worked up at times.

Lola Duck: I’m so nervous I can hardly quack!!!

Beasley: Just breathe Lola Duck, I’ll do all the talking.

Me: Alrighty then, let’s see. In your book, you start off telling us all about what it’s like to live in the country.

Beasley: Yes, it is a beautiful place to live! In fact the opening page is how I spend my days in the country.
Me: So what’s this I read about there being a big racket over at Farmer Bill’s barn?

Lola Duck: Oh, it was just dreadful! The noise scared me so much I had to get Beasley!

Beasley: Yes, that was quite a day! I had just got all snuggled in for my nap and boom, here came Lola Duck squawking from down the road.

Me: What did you do then?

Beasley: Well we had to do something! I told her we would have to gather some friends and head over there. We didn’t want to make the trip alone you know. You never know what you might find these days.

Lola: After a while I did agree with Beasley that we should gather our friends. {{{sigh.}}}

Me: Who all did you get to come with you?

Beasley: First we stopped off to get Frank Frog.

Lola Duck: I sure didn’t want to go there!!! The alligators! The alligators!

Beasley: It all turned out find, didn’t Lola Duck?

Lola Duck: Then he wanted to get Jeter Jackrabbit. Well, I know Farmer Bill would not like that for reasons I won’t mention on the air!!

Beasley: Ha! Well, then we moved on to see if our friend Bubba could help.

Lola Duck: Eeeek! Just the sound of his name scares me!!

Beasley: That turned out fine too!

Lola Duck: Then, then, then…. You wanted to get Captain Coley Coyote. Boo, hoo, hoo, I just couldn’t even look at him! 
Me: My, this sounds like this was a hard day for you Lola Duck!
What did you find when you got to Farmer Bill’s Barn?

Lola Duck: Well, you see….

Beasley: We don’t want to give it away! We worked and worked and we found something….

Lola Duck: Spectacular!!!

Beasley: Shhhhh… don’t give it away!

Me: I’m sure readers will be very interested in finding out what was there.
How can we have them find your book?

Beasley: Oh that’s easy! It’s on:


Barnes and Noble

Rainy Day Books


Beasley: Did you know you can go to the book departments at Barnes and Noble and Rainy Day Books, they will order it online for you right there?

Me: I just heard about that! We will encourage all our readers to do that!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I wish you and Lola Duck many more fun adventures! 

Beasley and Lola Duck: THANK YOU FOR HAVING US! 
Hello Beasley! Welcome to Books by Rose! So happy you can join us today!

Beasley: Woof, woof! Thank you for having me Miss Rosie!

Me: My, my Beasley! You are quite the star on Amazon and Twitter! Let me see here. One reviewer writes in and says:  

“It is a sweet story of the dog's search for his family.” 

Another reviewer writes, “My 3 year old son loves this book! It's very engaging, has beautiful pictures, and is a wonderful story.”

Beasley: Ah, thank you! Now I’m blushing!

Me: Do you know you were written about a little beagle I knew?

Beasley: Yes, I heard about that! I believe his name was Georgie. From what I understand, he was loved by many!

Me: Yes he was Beasley. In fact, it was me that owned that puppy…well I should say, my brothers, my sister, and I.

Beasley: What happened to him?

Me: Unfortunately, he was hit by a car when he was very young.

Beasley: I’m sorry to hear that Miss Rosie! I’m happy to be able to keep his memory alive for you though!

Me: You are keeping memories alive for many! Our friend had two Beagles named Lexy and Penny. Another friend had a puppy named Allie. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, she’s a Bassett Hound. She was so cute, I had to include her! You were drawn to look like all of them!

Beasley: That makes me very happy! Ah Rooo!

Me: Beasley in your first story, “Beasley’s Journey,” you were accidently left in the city by your owners when they moved. How did that make you feel?

Beasley: Well, at first I was a little scared. I met up with the door man from where my home was on Carlson Street. He pointed the way they had left down the road. I knew I would find my way after that. Beagles have a tremendous sense of smell.

Me: Did you find your family right away Beasley?

Beasley: Oh no Miss Rosie! It took me all day! It was quite a journey to say the least!

Me: Did you meet anyone along the way?

Beasley: Yes indeed! I met many nice friends that day!

Me: Can you tell us more about that?

Beasley: It was a little tricky with a few of them. I did have a run in with a squirrel that was less than friendly. I understood though, I did surprise him. He was very protective over his tree and his park.


I startled a cat that wasn’t expecting me in his neighborhood. He sure was a cute little fellow. I feel bad now that I scared him.

Me: Tell us about some of your other friends you met that day? Beasley: Well let me see…hum, there was the little gray mouse, a charming bunny, a beautiful robin bird, a giant cow, and a pretty pony. 

Me: They sound like wonderful friends! So what happened after that?

Beasley: Yes, yes they were!

Thank you for your concern Miss Rosie!  I wouldn’t want to spoil anymore of the details about my adventure.

Me: Oh, of course not, I see!

One last question before we go. What do you want readers to walk away with after reading your story?

Beasley: I would want them to know, to make sure their pets are always safe. There is a way they can do that. In fact, there’s a question regarding that at the back of the book.

I would tell them that for each book sold, a dollar will be donated to an organization called “The Rescue Project.” They help animals all over our city with food, medical treatments, educating pet owners, and finding homes, if needed.

Lastly, never give up on your destination! Also, I want them to know that we are all different, but kindness wins in the end.

Me: That’s wonderful Beasley!!!

I understand you have another book out. Will you come back and tell us more about that one?

Beasley: Yes, I would love to! It’s called “Beasley and Friends to the Rescue.” My, oh my, what a day that was!

Me: I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Thank you again for your visit today Beasley!

For more information or questions regarding this book, or the others I have out, contact me at:

Thanks for stopping by!

As always, happy reading!

Rosie Russell

To find my books online, go to:

Barnes and Noble
Rainy Day Books
One of the first authors I met when starting this journey was author K. Lamb! She is a talented writer and helpful to many of us in the Kid Literature world. 

1)Tell us a little about yourself.

Would you believe this is always the hardest question for me to answer? I never want to be redundant. I'm sure it won't be a surprise that I'm an avid reader and always have one of my Kindles nearby. And yes, that was plural. After all, I can't risk my battery dying in the midst of a good story! In addition to being an author, I have my own company, which allows me the flexibility and freedom to pursue my interest as a writer. It can also make for long days balancing my two worlds. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and living a quiet lifestyle.

Now, for something new…I'm a bit of a gamer. I'm sure that was the last thing you expected me to admit! But just like burgers and fries, all things in moderation! My all-time favorite video game is The Last of Us. It has a great story-arc and it's the only video game that has ever made me reach for a box of tissue after completing it. My mind is always thinking, and gaming is a good way for me to zone everything out and just relax when I need to decompress. It is also a great ice-breaker when talking with children. Although it usually surprises them when they find out that I like to play video games, too. 

2) How long have you been writing?

An avid reader my entire life, it is understandable that the books I read as a child stirred my imagination. It wasn't long before I began to pen my own stories. One of my favorite school memories dates back to Parents’ Night. To prepare for the event, my teacher required us to write and illustrate a short story and bind it into a simple book. Mesmerized by the project, I made two. I can still recall the feeling of contentment when the teacher predicted I would become an author. I had no idea I would fulfill that prediction. Writing is akin to falling into a wonderful dream. You don't quite know where it is going to lead, but you can't wait to find out! This is what I love about writing. It can be spontaneous or a detailed outline prepared in advance. My favorite though is when I sit down in front of the computer and let the words flow naturally like water running downstream. It is so visceral. I am experiencing it for the first time just as my readers would when they open the book. (After a lot of editing, of course!)

3) Tell our readers how your "Dani P. Mystery" series came about?

The Dani P. Mystery series is a labor of love and I am thankful for the positive response I have received from my readers. To be honest, writing a children's series is much harder for me than writing young/new adult, which is my typical genre. It takes a lot of self-censorship. However, when I first decided to publish, I knew the book had to be Dani's storyLuckily, it has resonated with my target audience and the children are receptive to Dani and her mischief! I like to describe her as perfectly imperfect. She has faults, which children can relate to because they make mistakes, too!  

The series originally started out as a short story. For those unfamiliar with the books, my protagonist is a fictional character based on, and written for, my daughter when she was a little girl. Dani, short for Danielle, is the honey-brown hair girl with the perpetual smile, big brown eyes, and big heart. Despite her best intentions, her curiosity and love of mysteries usually land her in some sort of dilemma. The books are also littered with 'Easter eggs' that would only be recognizable to a close family member. They are meant to bring a smile or jog a memory or two. 

The Dani P. Mystery series has given me a wonderful opportunity to interact with educators and families. Words cannot fully express how grateful I am for this experience.

4) What advice would you give others on how they can engage young readers to further their literacy?

One of my all-time favorite ways to get children to read is to interact with them. My daughter and I would read the same books and then discuss them. For younger children, the books can be read together. For older children, allow them to read independently to strengthen their reading skills. Think of it as a mini book club. Not only does this give you the opportunity to engage with your child on a different level, but it gives you great insight on their thoughts and how their mind works. It also opens a dialog that will help in other areas of discussion, which is important between parent and child. Valuing your child's opinions and thoughts also helps to build self-esteem. One thing I would like to warn parents against when trying this approach is not to pick their books! Let your child make the decision on what books they want to read. Forcing a book on a child will never end well and will only make them resistant to reading. Outside of assigned homework, reading should be enjoyable. 

Reading is the foundation for academic success, which is why I also encourage activity books, puzzles, learning games, and educational software. You can pick these up online or at educational/book stores---just make sure they are fun! There is no reason for learning to be boring. I carry this same principle into my books. Although they are a mixture of mystery and mayhem, I always try to incorporate a subtle message to help build self-esteem and to act as a spring board for open discussion between a parent and child. 

Please, #PromoteLiteracy and give the gift of reading to a child today! 

Thank you so much for being with us and letting us know more about you and the "Dani P. Mystery" series!
 If you have questions and would like to contact author K. Lamb, click on the links below. 


Author Website:

Dani P. Mystery Website:

For free downloadable activity sheets, please visit one of her two websites.

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The Dani P. Mystery series is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers. 


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